April 5, 2011 BRG

Job 30: Job
Job 31: Job
Job 32: Elihu

Job 32:21, “I will show partiality to no one, nor will I flatter any man.”

I was at a funeral dinner and my mom introduced me to the man across from me as a mutual friends’ brother.

This man started talking about the corruption of politics. He said more Christians need to run for office. He was laying the guilt upon all of us.

I felt God’s Spirit rise up in me like described in verses 18-21.

I said, “Unless God has specifically told you to run for office, you have no business in politics.”

The entire church basement went silent. No one breathed.

I picked up my fork and continued eating. The man didn’t say much after that.

Later, Mom told me the man was a professor in a Bible College.

He was older than me.

He was more educated than me.

He was more known than me.

He was more respected than me.

Yet, God used me to speak into the conversation. Had I known he was a Bible college professor, I probably would have kept quiet!

God doesn’t respect men like we do. He is willing to use anyone…like me!

The point is God has an assignment for each of us. We should not change our course no matter who tells us to!

What verse impressed you?


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