Babysteps – Day 415 Corrected

It’s an election year, and depending on whether you are a republican or a democrat, it has been 4 years of evil or 4 years of good.

If our candidate of choice is in the white house, we think it is good when he is re-elected. The length of terms really has nothing to do with whether they are good or evil; it is up to the will of God.

2 Kings 24:8, 9, 18, 19, “Jehoiachin was eighteen…when he began his three month reign…he did evil…in keeping with his father (Jehoiakim)…Zedekiah was twenty-one…when he began his eleven year reign…he did evil…in keeping with all Jehoiakim had done.”

Both kings did evil; one reigned for three months and one for eleven years.

This week I heard on “Life Today” an interview with Andy Andrews. His latest book is entitled, “How Do You Kill 11 Million People”. It is so sad that of the 85 million people living in Germany who elected Hitler, only 8 million were Nazis. Ten percent killed 13 percent of the country while the other 77 percent did nothing.

He said that 545 people in Washington determine everything pertaining to the 311 million people living in America. Of those 100 million did not vote and 65 million claim to be Christians. The last several elections were won by 10 million votes.

I’ve heard it said we get the president we prayed for. I have another theory: We get the president we vote for…and if we don’t vote, it is as if we voted for the opposing candidate.

We need to pray; but we have to vote. There is no excuse; I have to vote by absentee ballot. We leave the results up to God.

What verse impressed you?


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