Babysteps – Day 425

Last year an earthquake in the ocean and the resulting tidal wave rocked Japan. It was horrific to see the damage to that country from an event in the ocean miles away. Today’s verse talks about God working in the deep.

Psalms 135:6, “Whatever the Lord pleases, that has He done in the heavens and on earth, in the seas and all deeps.”

When I first read the verse I wondered, “What is God doing in the deeps?” Then I remembered the earthquake.

That is also how God works in our hearts. He goes deep down to the very gist of the matter and deals with it there. The people around us may not see any change; but that does not mean God is not working.

Sometimes, what he is dealing with is so corrupted that the only option is to blast it out of there and relieve the pressure.

When our lives go through a “heart earthquake” it is obvious to those around us! Those earthquakes are not to harm us; but are to release something harmful.

Sadly, there are always repercussions and the tidal wave that follows may hurt those around us. We have to trust that God can use the situation to rock our loved ones’ worlds and release pressure in their lives, also.

He is always working for our good, (Romans 8:28).

What verse impressed you?

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