May 14, 2012 – Relevant

Over the years many evangelists came to speak at church; but my favorite was always Bill Jeynes. It was for an entirely selfish reason – he always commented on how young I looked. (I never bothered to tell him the church hired me when I was 20.)

When I opened my Facebook account, he was one of the first preachers I tried to find. I got to know his family better through his statuses. I appreciate him more now because of the balance I see in his life. Yes, he preaches, is a published author, lectures at Ivy League universities, is active in politics bringing the Bible back into schools in many states, and is used by God miraculously during his services. But that is not what impresses me!

What impresses me is he obviously adores his wife, even traveling overseas once or twice a year to take her back to visit her family. He gives his children priority. He schedules his speaking arrangements around the activities at their colleges; he doesn’t set his schedule and then attend the activities that are convenient. He goes to professional ball games, (which for me would be torture), to relax and have fun with his family. I learned all of this from reading his Facebook statuses.  I thought of him when I read today’s verse.

Isaiah 8:3, “And I approached [my wife] the prophetess, and when she had conceived…”

Isaiah’s wife was also balanced. She was a prophetess and earned Isaiah’s respect. But she was also a mother, and we know there is only one way to become a mother!

I have heard it said, “She is so heavenly minded that she is no earthly good.” I want to strive for more balance in my life and writing. (I just don’t want to attend any baseball games.)

What verse impressed you?


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