October 15, 2012 – Relevant

When we regularly read the Bible, God will highlight verses that speak directly to our hearts and our situation. Today’s verse spoke to mine.

Genesis 40:14, “But think of me when it shall be well with you and show kindness, I beg of you, to me, and mention me to Pharaoh and get me out of this house.”

“Nothing has hitherto met us in the record indicative of Joseph’s feelings; but this earnest appeal reveals a sadness and impatient longing for release, which not all his piety and faith in God could dispel…The Divine purposes required that Joseph should obtain his deliverance in another way, and by other means, (v. 23)…Now that God’s set time had come (Psalms 105, 19), no human power nor policy could detain Joseph in prison. During his protracted confinement he might have often been distressed with perplexing doubts; but the mystery of Providence was about to be cleared up, and all his sorrows forgotten in the course of honor and public usefulness in which his services were to be employed, (41:14)…It cannot be doubted that he would humbly yet thankfully acknowledge the hand of a special Providence in conducting him through all his chequered course to almost royal power; and we, who know more than Joseph did, cannot only see that his advancement was subservient to the most important purposes relative to the Church of God, but learn the great lesson that a Providence directs the minutest events of human life.” Critical and Explanatory Commentary, Vol. I

Out of today’s readings I found:

1)      God knows my feelings.

2)      Others have experienced the same despair.

3)      My sadness does not reflect my faith.

4)      God has a divine purpose for me.

5)      He has many ways and means of deliverance.

6)      He has a set time.

7)      No human power or policy can detain me after that set time.

8)      We all have doubts.

9)      The mystery will be explained.

10)   My sorrows will be forgotten.

11)   I will be useful.

12)   I will serve again.

13)   God is conducting me through this course.

14)   God directs the minutest events of my life.

Yesterday, Joel Osteen’s sermon  title was, “Another Ingredient is Coming”. God has not compiled all the ingredients of my life yet, or He is not finished mixing them up. But I know He is working.




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