October 27, 2012 – Relevant

Today is my birthday. I asked for shelves to be installed in my office closet as a present. My husband will be building them today! I am so excited because he made them and painted them himself. It is a gift he is giving willingly. Those are the kinds of gifts God wants from us.

Exodus 25:2, “Speak to the Israelites, that they take for Me an offering. From every man who gives it willingly and ungrudgingly with his heart you shall take My offering.”

God does not want our money.  He wants us, our love and our time.

All week-long my husband reported the progress on my shelves: the day he primed them, the day he painted them to match the walls, etc. He showed me his love by giving of his time. I’m getting out of the office now to give him room to install his gift!