December 15, 2012

Today we started reading the book of Judges. The term ‘judge’ meant ‘ruling leaders.’ Those appointed by God were ruling leaders.

Judges 2:16, “But the Lord raised up judges, who delivered them out of the hands of those who robbed them.”

I like the description of the judges in the commentary.

“The judges who governed Israel were strictly God’s vicegerents (an officer appointed by a sovereign or supreme chief as his deputy)…He (God) being the supreme ruler…Individuals, prompted by the inward, irresistible impulse of God’s Spirit…endowed with extraordinary courage or strength…They were without pomp, equipage (a carriage drawn by horses and attended by servants), or emoluments (profit arising from office or employment) attached to the office. They had no power to make laws; for these were given by God; not to explain them, for that was the provence of the priests – but they were officially upholders of the law, defenders of religion, avengers of all crimes…” Critical and Explanatory Commentary, Vol. I

Oh God, please raise up judges today!



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