April 4, 2013

“The purpose of this book is to investigate life as a whole and to teach that in the final analysis life is meaningless without proper respect and reverence for God. The author writes from the perspective of a philosophical observer. With intense interest, and even participation, he examines the ventures in the temporary successes and failures of man…Wisdom, education, knowledge, pleasure, happiness, power, influence, religion – all these and more are considered.” Amplified Bible Notes

Our county is grieving the deaths of a 4 and 5-year-old due to a horrific auto accident. We struggle to understand why God allowed it to happen.

One thing I do know is that Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy. His objective was to kill the mother and the 1-year-old baby; but they were spared, although severely injured.

We know it was their time and Psalms 139:16 tells us the date of their deaths was written before they were conceived.  But we still struggle with losing them.

There are other losses in life that can cause us to question God: divorce, serious illness, our jobs, etc. Loss is a part of life as we see in today’s verse.

Ecclesiastes 3:6, “A time to get and a time to lose, a time to keep and a time to cast away.”

“When God wills losses (financial) to us, then is our time to be content…The event of man’s labours depends wholly on God’s immutable purpose. Man’s part, therefore, is to do and enjoy every earthly thing in its proper season…” Critical and Explanatory Commentary, Vol. I

We need to appreciate our mates, health and jobs; but most of all we need to hug our loved ones daily because none of us are promised tomorrow.



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