October 17, 2013

People are always being lured into things by the offer of getting something for nothing. It’s a myth. Everything has a cost.

We are finding the “free” health care promised to us has a high price tag. We will pay when we buy it or pay a penalty if we don’t.

Today’s verse provided such a lure.

Genesis 45:18, “And get your father and your households and come to me. And I will give you the best in the land of Egypt and you will live on the fat of the land.”

Pharaoh was speaking in this verse. He was telling them his government would take care of them. Sound familiar?

In two days, we will read of Pharaoh and Joseph’s deaths. At that time, Jacob’s family became slaves. They lived in slavery for 400 years. It was a horrible price to pay for living off of the “fat of the land” and not moving back to the land of Canaan when the famine was over.

“Let the Praises Ring” by Lincoln Brewster




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