October 18, 2013

My birthday is this month and I jokingly said I was going to celebrate until Thanksgiving. My husband is taking a week of vacation to celebrate with me. Soon, I will be asked the question in today’s verse.

Genesis 47:8, “And Pharaoh asked Jacob, How old are you?”

The next verse tells us he was 130 years old; yet, it was another 17 years before he did his greatest work for God.

In chapter 48 Jacob, also called Israel, prophesied over his grandsons. Chapter 49 contains the prophecies over his sons. They were each fulfilled. Genesis 48:19 tells us Ephraim shall be greater than his brother.

“The title of Ephraim in power and in compass so increased  that it became the head of the northern ten tribes…although, in the time of Moses, Manasseh still outnumbered Ephraim by 20,000.” Amplified Bible Notes.

I realize my best assignments may still be ahead.

“Awesome is the Lord Most High” by Christ Tomlin