November 14, 2013

On my birthday, my husband told me he would get whatever I wanted to eat. It was my day.

I had a bakery muffin for breakfast, a southwest salad and chocolate shake for lunch and a steak sandwich from George’s for dinner.

In Numbers 7, we see that each tribe had their day.

Numbers 7:12, “He who offered his offering on the first day was Nahshon son of Amminadab, of the tribe of Judah.”

“In dictating that each tribal leader have a separate day for his gift and in giving the reports equal space, regardless of the contrast in the tribes strength and rank in the camp, God had a definite purpose: that an equal honor might thereby be put on each several tribe…Thus, it was intimated that all the tribes of Israel had an equal; share in the altar and an equal share in the sacrifices that were offered upon it…He was letting us know that what is given is lent to the Lord, and He carefully records it, with everyone’s name prefixed to his gift, because what is so given as a labor of love (Hebrews 6:10) He will repay.” Amplified Bible Notes

The animals sacrificed were roasted on the altar, a portion was given to the priest, and the remainder given back to the one who offered it.

“Today is the Day” by Lincoln Brewster


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