I remember the exact spot I was vacuuming when I heard a voice inside my head that said, “You are going to lose your house.”

It was so loud, that I actually said, “God, is that you?” I determined that day to pay off our mortgage as soon as possible.

Last night, Pastor Monte Knudson preached on the Spirit talking to our spirit and I remembered hearing “the voice.” Everything changed when I read today’s verse.

Proverbs 2:21, “If you are honest and innocent, you will keep your land.”

I was furious! That was not the voice of God and I let it torment me for four years…even after we paid the house off!

I felt so foolish, how could I have been so silly.

When I hear my husband’s voice, my ears perk up, my heart beats louder, my head turns in his direction and my eyes look for him.

When God speaks, even in the faintest echo of a whisper, those reactions are multiplied and sometimes I feel nauseous. I crave hearing it. I take every opportunity possible to be in His presence because I yearn to hear His voice.

Today, I finished reading my chapters, but I felt in turmoil. I put the song “Oceans” on and listened to it, over and over, until my heart started pounding and I felt peace. I knew my heart was now ready and receptive to hear His voice.

“Oceans” – Hillsong United