Ah, That’s What They Meant

Amos 6:10, “As you carry out a corpse to prepare it for burial, Your relative in the house will ask, ‘Are there others?’ You will answer, ‘No!’ Then your relative will reply, ‘Be quiet! Don’t dare mention the name of the Lord.'”

“Two relatives seem to be carrying out corpses for burial. One of them warns the other to be careful not even to say ‘Thank the Lord!’ for fear that the mention of his name may cause something worse to happen.” CEV Bible Notes

I Didn’t Know That

Amos 3:12, “…It will be like when a shepherd rescues two leg bones and part of a sheep’s ear from the jaws of a lion.”

“When a wild animal attacked and killed a sheep, the shepherd had to rescue part of the sheep and take it to the owner as proof that it had been killed by an animal. Otherwise, the shepherd had to pay the owner the cost of the sheep.” CEV Bible Notes