Now That Would Be Difficult

“The Lord told Hosea to marry a prostitute, as a way of showing how unfaithful Israel had been. Then the Lord told Hosea what to name his children, and these names were reminders that Israel was going to be punished. But Hosea was told to love his unfaithful wife, and his love was to be a picture of the Lord’s continuing love for unfaithful Israel.” CEV Bible Notes

Hosea 1:2, “The Lord said, ‘Hosea, Israel has betrayed me like an unfaithful wife. Marry such a woman and have children by her.'”

“In some Canaanite regions of Old Testament times, young women were expected to have sex with the worshipers of their god, before marriage. Such women were called ‘temple prostitutes.’ Many of the Israelite women did this same thing, and Hosea is told to marry one of them to show that the nation has turned from the Lord to worship idols.” CEV Bible Notes

  1. We are to love, even when others are unfaithful to us.
  2. A constant craving for sex keeps us from knowing God.

Hosea 5:4, “Your evil deeds are the reason you won’t return to me, your Lord God. And your constant craving for sex keeps you from knowing me.”

I’m grateful God has not asked me to do something so hard as he did asking Hosea to marry a prostitute. It was a good reminder to love even when others are unloving and to keep a balance in my life.

“People don’t lose intimacy when they stop talking, but when they stop listening.” The Maxwell Leadership Bible – John Maxwell