You Made Me a Tent!

I admit it. I had been dreading last night. Sweet Olivia loves me so much, she doesn’t want to miss a minute with me.

Translation? I have difficulty getting her to nap…and she was staying all night.

My solution? I made her a tent. I stretched a sheet over two tall chairs and clipped it to the back of the chairs with clothespins.

When she saw it, she said, “You made me a tent! I have my own camper! I love it!” She wanted to crawl in right away.

Unfortunately, it was still too exciting at nap time, but she snuggled under it at  bedtime. She might have slept through the night…if she had not rolled off of the air mattress once.

I picked her up and only had to sing one verse of “Jesus Loves Me” before she was back in dream land.

In today verse, I found God made the perfect tent for His children.

Isaiah 42:5, “I am the Lord God. I  created the heavens like an open tent above…”

God’s tent is open above; and if we wake up, and look up, we can see His face watching over us.

The best part? You never outgrow God’s tent.

Isaiah 46:4, “I will still be the same when you are old and gray, and I will take care of you. I created you and always keep you safe.”

My daughter-in-law’s surgery was a success. God was watching over her, also!