Not Afraid, Ashamed, Discouraged or Disappointed

It would be nice to have a formula that guaranteed God would show up like He did on Wednesday night.

There is no formula.

I did follow the instructions I read today in Isaiah 52:1, “…wake up! Stand up and be strong…dress in your best clothes…”

When I performed in community productions, I took time dressing. After cleaning up, I used baby powder all over to keep me cool and dry. I fluffed my hair as much as possible and put on full make-up.

I was presenting my very best.

I dressed just as carefully on Wednesday. I chose dressy jeans over a skirt, because I would be sitting up on the platform. I wore pumps with my jeans because they are my best shoes.

That horrified my son, the drummer.

He said, “Mom, you don’t wear high heels with jeans!”

(This from the man who wanted to wear cut-offs.)

I was dressing as if it were Easter…a special service…a sabbath. Today’s verse showed me I need to dress carefully at every service.

Isaiah 56:2, “I will bless everyone who respects my Sabbath…”

Update on yesterday’s post:

At practice last night, Joe the band leader, asked me not to play on part of a song.

He was right.

(That wasn’t as hard to admit as I thought!)

Then he asked me to stay after practice.

He said, “Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on you.”

I replied, “No! How else will the hard places be knocked off of me? God is using you to make me better. I need your help to become more like Christ.”

In the process, I am becoming a better musician.

Isaiah 54:4, “Don’t be afraid or ashamed and don’t be discouraged. You won’t be disappointed. Forget how sinful you were when you were young; stop feeling ashamed…”