A Fire Causing Water to Boil

I woke up early anticipating the church service. As I read through today’s chapters I couldn’t help but get excited.

Isaiah 61:1-3,

“…tell the oppressed the good news,

…heal the brokenhearted,

…freedom for prisoners and captives,

…show kindness to us,

…comfort those who mourn,

…give them flowers in the place of their sorrow,

…olive oil in the place of tears,

…joyous praise in the place of broken hearts.”

Right before we played, I shared today’s verse.

Isaiah 64:1, “Rip the heavens apart! Come down, Lord; make the mountains tremble. Be a spark that starts a fire causing water to boil.”

I seriously thought I would be playing the piano while God started a fire in everyone else. (I was prepared. I even had the keyboard pedal tied to the stand with black shoestrings!)

After worship, we slipped off of the platform and a Memorial Day video began playing. I felt an arm across my shoulder started crying.

I hurried to my seat, and when my husband joined me, he asked, “Is something wrong?”

“I don’t know. I think it is God!”

I looked up at the video and cried harder as I thought of how God brought my dad safely through the Korean War.

I remembered my oldest son in the National Guard being spared last year, and more tears flowed. My shoulders were shaking and I was trying to sob silently!

I thought I should stop, when I noticed the “Praise Report” I had filled out. Yesterday, my youngest son received a letter stating that a $1,000.00 medical bill had been reprocessed and he now owes $0.

The tears just kept sliding down my cheeks and I didn’t even care. I have so much for which to be grateful.

On the way home, I shared what happened with my son, the Bible College Intern. When I finished, he asked,

“Mom, how much coffee have you had? You are talking awfully fast.”

But it wasn’t the coffee. God started a fire in me and the tears boiled over.

My favorite note from the sermon was, “You can have faith without being holy.” He wants to start a fire in you…right here…right now…just the way you are.