Read It Out Loud

At the “Let Faith Arise Conference” last June, Dr. Fred Price instructed us to read our Bibles out loud. I have been obedient for a year.

Pastor Monte Knudsen said it again in his sermon yesterday. Romans 10:17, “…faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.” What you hear sows something in you.”

I heard it a third time when I read today’s verse out loud.

2 Kings 22:10, 11, “‘But there’s something else, Your Majesty. The priest Hilkiah gave me this book.’ Then Shaphan read it out loud. When Josiah heard what was in ‘The Book of the Law,’ he tore his clothes in sorrow.” CEV Bible

Pastor Monte went on to say, “If faith can come, faith can leave. It comes by hearing. What am I hearing?”

Isaiah 66:2, “…The people I treasure most are the humble – they depend only on me and tremble when I speak.”

I am amazed how God can speak the same message in my daily Bible reading, as the message I hear on Sunday morning.