Keep Your Promises, Positive or Negative

“Self-development is a higher calling it is the development of our potential so that we can fulfill the purpose for which we were created.” Leadership, Promises for Every Day, John C. Maxwell

Jeremiah 4:2, “Make promises only in my name, and do what you promise!”

My granddaughter is spending the day and she did not want to nap. It took an hour and a half for her to give in.

We tried to get her cooperation with promises:

“Yes, I’ll sew up your blankie after nap.”

“Yes, Uncle Derek will take you to the library.”

After an hour those promises became negative….”If you do not go to sleep, you will not go to the library.”

She really wants to go the library, and finally, fell asleep. I’m glad, because it is hard to take away something fun we promised.