Truly Upset and Sad

Each day of the week I pray for a specific group:

Sunday – Church Workers

Monday – Family

Tuesday – Church Family

Wednesday – Government

Thursday – Teachers and Schools

Friday – Financial Needs

Saturday – Missionaries

Regardless of our politics, we are to pray for our president, vice-president, governors, mayors, and representatives.

We tend to put all responsibility for the evil in the world on our leaders. God makes it clear that sin is the culprit, and we are to be sad and disgusted over it.

Ezekiel 9:4, “Walk through the city of Jerusalem and mark the forehead of anyone who is truly upset and sad about the disgusting things that are being done here.” Contemporary English Version

Ezekiel 11:3, “They say things like, ‘Let’s build more houses. This city is like a cooking pot over a fire, and we are the meat, but at least the pot keeps us from being burned in the fire. So, Ezekiel, condemn them.” CEV Bible

“The pot that keeps us from being burned in the fire: These leaders were trying to convince the people of Jerusalem that they were secure, and that their future was bright.” CEV Bible Notes



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