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Ten years ago, the doctor said there was nothing more he could do. He sent me home and told me to avoid allergens. On Labor Day weekend, I moved my office home and was housebound for 87 days while my body healed.

Three years later, I stepped down from my job as administrator of the Fairfield Foursquare Church and bookkeeper of Agapeland Preschool and Childcare Center.

The following May, they took the only antihistamine that worked for me off of the market. It looked like being housebound was permanent.

I asked God if it was, and if not, how long. He said, “Three years.”

At the end of 2010, I was sitting at a potluck, (honoring Dean & Nellie Oosthoek and Betty Leafgreen), when God clearly told me it would be the last time I attended the Foursquare Church.

I couldn’t believe it, I thought I heard wrong. But, early in 2011, God directed David to visit the Faith Christian Outreach Church Satellite here in Fairfield.

In July, 2011, I started sneaking into church at FCOC…when I was not on Prednisone. I went early, wore a mask, scarf, large glasses, and sat alone in the balcony to avoid crowds. I was one of the last ones out the door because I had to wait while the drums were torn down and loaded in the van.

Over the last 3 years, I have been taking “babysteps” of faith…like sneaking into church…and gained freedom one step at a time.

Three weeks ago, I called the doctor because I was doing another round of Prednisone and had to spend the first week in the house. I asked if I was still restricted.

I heard the most wonderful words, “There are no restrictions on your chart!” I am normally restricted from the time Ragweed blooms until we get a killing frost…that was 104 days in 2011.

Since then, I have been going out, (without a mask, glasses or scarf), to church, worship practice and even shopping!

I spent the first three years knocking on a door God had closed. I cannot wait for heaven. I will be with all the people I love from the Foursquare Church, my new friends that I love from FCOC, and my friends from the churches of my childhood.

If you want to know your future, all you have to do is ask.

Jeremiah 37:7, “…Zedekiah, you wanted Jeremiah to ask me, the Lord God of Israel, what is going to happen. So I will tell you…”

I was sitting at my kitchen table yesterday writing, when God reminded me of a particularly hectic time when I was working at the Foursquare Church. I was on an IRS deadline and was struggling with concentration as the childcare center was active, full and noisy. My boss sent me home with the laptop for a few hours to finish the report.

I remember thinking, “It’s so peaceful here. I wish I could work here full-time.” God saw the desire of my heart, but knew I could not have it and remain in my current job.

He closed that door and opened the door to writing blogs. His plan was better than anything I could ask, think or imagine, (see Ephesians 3:20)!


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