Pounds, Quarts, and Yards

Ezekiel 46:5, “With the ram, he is to offer twenty pounds of grain, and with each of the lambs, he can offer as much as he wants. He must also offer four quarts of olive oil with every twenty pounds of grain.”

Ezekiel 46:14, “Along with it, three pounds of fine flour mixed with a quart of olive oil must be offered as a grain sacrifice…”

Ezekiel 47:3, “The man walked east, then took out his measuring stick and measured five hundred sixty yards down stream…”

I can visualize 20 pounds of grain, a gallon of olive oil, 3 pounds of flour mixed with a quart of olive oil and 560 yards. I understand the amounts because they are listed in terms I understand.

If you don’t understand what you are reading in your Bible, GET ANOTHER VERSION!

I am currently reading from the Contemporary English Version, but there is also an English Standard Version.

If you grew up on the King James version, I recommend the New International Version or the New American Standard.

“The Message” Bible is easy to understand and there are even various formats. I bought my son a Bible that looked like a sports magazine and my daughter one that looked like a teen magazine.

Find one that works for you because God is the one that brings understanding…not a specific version. You will be surprised how much you recognize his voice speaking to you through his word when you read a version that makes sense to YOU!