He Liked Her!

“Sex Sells.”

“Beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone.”

Esther had a beauty that went clear to the bone. Her beauty outshone the sexiest women.

King Xerxes had been king for three years when he deposed Queen Vashti, (Esther 1:3). He had a Queen and a harem of wives. After the girls spent one night with him, they were sent to his harem, (Esther 2:14).

He had a different, beautiful, young girl every night for several years before he even saw Esther, (2:15). I’m sure all of them tried to be sexy to win Queen Vashti’s crown.

Not Esther. Look at the verbs in today’s verse.

Esther 2:17, “Xerxes liked Esther more than he did any of the other young women. None of them pleased him as much as she did, and right away he fell in love with her and crowned her queen in place of Vashti.”

He liked her. She was pleasing or pleasant. Then he fell in love with her.

“Beauty is as beauty does.”