Safe from Harm

Today we read about Jabez. There have been a few books written about his prayer. It was interesting to me that Jabez’s father or grandfather were not listed. He was probably of the clan of Aharhel.

In 1 Chronicles 2:55, we see that Jabez was the name of the city that kept the court and government records. Could this city have been named after him?

The CEV Bible notes said, “In Hebrew ‘Jabez’ sounds like ‘pain.'”

I love the way Jabez concluded his prayer.

1 Chronicles 4:10, “One day he prayed to Israel’s God, ‘Please bless me and give me a lot of land. Be with me so I will be safe from harm.’ And God did just what Jabez had asked.”

“Harm: Or ‘keep me from harm, so I won’t cause any pain’.” CEV Bible Notes

“Dear Lord, don’t let me cause pain today. Amen.”