A Pure and Holy Mixture

Exodus 30:34, 35, “Mix equal amounts of the costly spices stacte, onycha, galbanum, and pure frankincense, then add salt to make the mixture pure and holy.”

Today is my birthday. My husband bakes me a special cake each year called, “Chocolate Chip Torte.” It contains chocolate chips, walnuts and dates. The dates are the reason it is such a moist cake. It’s special because those three ingredients are baked into a cake only once a year.

The incense was special because that recipe was only to be used in worship of God.

The addition of salt peaked my interest and I did further research. I didn’t realize how important salt was until I read about it at http://www.torahclass.com/archived-articles/1036-featured-article-sp-940659465.

Chocolate Chip Torte!

Chocolate Chip Torte!