Bath Water to Wine

This morning, as I was soaking in the tub, I wished I had a larger tub because I would like to be under water up to my neck. Then I felt convicted because I had a tub full of hot water with just the turn of a spigot; and the water filling the tub was safe to drink. I thanked God I did not have to walk for miles to get 5 gallons of disease-filled water like many in this would do.

When I read today’s verse, I realized Jesus’ first miracle was even greater than we think. He didn’t just turn water into wine, he made wine out of dirty bath water!

John 2:6, “At the feast there were six stone water jars that were used by the people for washing themselves in the way that their religion said they must. Each jar held about twenty or thirty gallons.”

It doesn’t matter how dirty I feel, Jesus can use me to make something wonderful.