Tell Your Friends

On Saturday, we read where Jesus instructed a man he healed to “…say nothing to anyone…”, see Today he told the man he healed to tell his friends.

Mark 5:19, “And he did not permit him but said to him, ‘Go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.'”

When Jesus enters our life, the change is so miraculous and glorious that we want to tell the world. But very few are called to travel the world and share the good things God has done for them. Most of us are instructed to stay in our hometown and tell our friends. Jesus changes us and our friends will see that change.

The man in Mark 5 was drastically changed from…

…living in a tomb, (Mark 5:3); to traveling in the Decapolis region, (Mark 5:20).

…being uncontrollable, (Mark 5:3); to sitting peacefully, (Mark 5:15).

…being naked, (Luke 8:27); to being clothed, (Mark 5:15).

…crying out and cutting himself, (Mark 5:5); to being in his right mind, (Mark 5:15).

…forcing travelers away, (Matthew 8:28); to traveling himself, (Mark 5:20).

…people avoiding him, (Matthew 8:28); to people coming to see him, (Mark 5:14).

…being bound with chains, (Mark 5:4); to being free, (Mark 5:15).

…being driven into the desert, (Luke 8:29); to traveling in cities, (Mark 5:20).

…being under guard, (Luke 8:29); to being free to travel, (Mark 5:20).

You can also read his story in Matthew 8:29-9:1 and in Luke 8:26-40.