Allies Become Enemies

Lamentation 1:19, “I called to my lovers, but they deceived me; my priests and elders perished in the city; while they sought food to revive their strength.” ESV

“The word ‘lovers’…in verse two, refers to the alliances Judah had formed in hopes of gaining protection from Assyria. These ‘lovers’ soon betrayed them and joined with Judah’s enemies to fight against her and destroy Jerusalem. The Egyptians, Syrians, and Babylonians were close allies with Judah during Jeremiah’s day (Jeremiah 2:18, 19; 22:20-25).” ESV Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible Notes

Egypt, Syria, and Babylon were allies to the Israelites one day and enemies the next day. We have seen the same thing happen in the history of America. We have also seen our enemies become our allies, i.e. England, Japan.