From Each Its Best Part

I slowly pushed myself up in 15 half push-ups. After the last one, I collapsed on the floor, panting as if I had just run a 5K.

I was doing the “No Excuses Workout” that I learned from Jonathan Roche at Jonathan is a personal trainer who encourages alternating brief, intense exercise, with brief periods of rest.

After the first exercise, I decided I needed to rest. I slowly counted to 15.

Shoving my feet under the couch, I proceeded to do 15 sit-ups. These were harder! I had to count backwards to trick myself into completing them.

I collapsed back on the floor again, counting even more slowly to 15 for a period of rest.

The “fly aways” were easier, but I still had to take a break. I finished up with the 15 knee bends and prayed no one could see me through the window. I am so out of shape that my balance is off and I looked like I had been drinking.

(I don’t drink.)

In 1 Corinthians 9:27, Paul said, “I discipline my body and keep it under control…” (ESV) The King James version says, “I buffet my body.” I felt like I had been beat up! When I squatted down, my thighs told me I was not getting back up ever again.

For years, I started my day reading my Bible before breakfast. The only problem is, I can dig into it for a couple of hours. When I finished, I would be starving and still in my pajamas.

Last week, I switched it up: eat, exercise, dress, and then read my Bible. I was amazed how much I was getting out of my studying after I met the needs of my body and then brought it under control through exercise. I went from writing 2-3 hours a day to writing up to 6 hours.

Our bodies are to be living sacrifices to God as recorded in Romans 12:1. Exercising was definitely a sacrifice! By offering my sacrifice first in my day, I am giving my best and God has blessed me for my obedience.

Numbers 18:29, “Out of all the gifts to you, you shall present every contribution due to the Lord; from each its best part is to be dedicated.” (ESV)

Dear Lord,

Thank you for fresh insight.



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