Ordinary Work

I had a sleep over with my granddaughter last night…until midnight when “Pa” woke me up and told me I needed to sleep in my own bed.

She got to go to church with us, too. We had a, sort of, family reunion. She got to see: my sister, David’s sister, a cousin she calls “that boy,” and Uncle D’s girlfriend. She went to class, but conned Aunt Mel into staying and playing with her for a while.

Toward the end of the sermon, we got a text from our son. I had asked if she could spend the day and be picked up at dinner. I even told them to plan on eating with us because I was making “Tarragon Chicken.”

Another text popped up and I read it over David’s shoulder.

“Surgery at 11:50 am.”

I tried to keep my mind on the sermon, but snuck the phone behind me to show it to Aunt Mel. After I finished playing for the altar call, I hurried down and asked for prayer. Our friends Chris and Sonese prayed with us. I told my sister and hurried back to the platform to put away the keyboards.

I announced to the rest of the worship team, “Pray for my daughter-in-law; she’s in surgery right now.”

My husband turned around and exclaimed, “No, she’s not!”

“I saw the text.”

“What text…the one about uncle Dean’s hip surgery three weeks ago?”

“That must be the one.”

Then I spent a few minutes on my phone texting my friends and family members that I had asked to pray. I walked over to Lay Pastor Rick and let him know my mistake.


During my devotions this morning, one phrase stood out…

Numbers 29:1, “…You shall not do any ordinary work…” ESV

The Israelites were to have sabbaths and holy days. They were not to do any ordinary work on those days. We all need one day a week where we just stop.

Not only did I do ordinary work, I planned something special on a day I needed to rest. On top of that we had a nursing home service this afternoon and there was a sale today at the grocery store and I needed to pick up the turkey to be thawed by Thanksgiving.

If I had not overscheduled, I might have noticed the number on the text I read was not my son’s number! I learned my lesson the hard way.

Jesus was never early, never late, and he walked everywhere!

Dear Lord,

I will make a new habit to change my ways. I will not schedule stuff on Sundays. I will slow down and ask questions. And I will go to bed early tonight!