Let Go of “Perfect”

When I went for a cup of coffee at 6 am this morning, I found the counter covered with coffee and saw it seeping down between the counter and the refrigerator. I thought…

“There’s my Thanksgiving disaster!”

We leave the allergy screens out until after Thanksgiving because the smoke detector will go off at least once and we may have to open the windows! Lol

I have this perfect “Thanksgiving Dinner” in my head, and that is the place where it stays perfect…only in my head! Over and over today, God has been saying to me…

“Let it Go!”


Deuteronomy 3:27, 28, “…for you shall not go over this Jordan. But charge Joshua and encourage and strengthen him, for he shall go over at the head of this people, and he shall put them in possession of the land that you see.” ESV

Moses saw the promised land, but he did not go in. Not only did he have to “let it go,” he had to turn everything over to Joshua.

Joshua got to go in to Canaan and Moses traded Canaan in for Heaven! Moses didn’t lose; he won!

I thought the turkey would be in the oven an hour ago, but David is in charge of the turkey. (He makes an amazing turkey!) Last year it was done an hour before we had planned!

Our Thanksgiving Dinner will not be perfect, but being surrounded by my family will be heaven! God has a better dinner planned than I can imagine.

Dear Lord,

Help me to forget about the turkey and concentrate on this special time with my family. Thank you for all of the gifts you have given us this last year…especially David’s job. I am grateful for the way you take care of us and always meet our needs. 


My husband checking the turkey.

My husband checking the turkey.


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