No Be Barren Among You

Today is my favorite day of the year!

Not Black Friday…on this day I design my Christmas tree!

Every year God gives me a theme. Last year it was, “It’s all about the manger.” When he gave me this year’s theme I wasn’t listening. I thought it was the same theme from a few years ago.

Then I saw some Christmas decorations and got ideas to develop my theme…

…but I had to listen.

I didn’t sleep well last night and kept dozing off as I was reading my Bible out loud. When I finished I saw some verses, but wasn’t sure what it was that I was supposed to learn from them.

I had to listen.

Deuteronomy 7:12-14, “And because you listen to these rules and keep and do them, the Lord your God will keep with you the covenant…He will love you, bless you, and multiply you. He will bless the fruit of your womb…There shall not be a male or female barren among you.” ESV

I have been privileged to pray for several couples that were trying to conceive. In the past three years, God sent 5 babies to couples that were told they either couldn’t, or shouldn’t, have a child. I believe in miracles. If you are struggling with infertility, this prayer is for you.

Dear Lord,

I pray that you will visit (insert name here) like you did Sarah in Genesis 21:1. I pray that you will answer (_____)’s prayer like you answered Isaac’s in Genesis 25:21. I pray that you will remember (_____) like you remembered Hannah in 1 Samuel 1:19. I pray that you will do for (_____) like you did for Elizabeth in Luke 1:25.