God Keeps Them Safe

I pray over a list of soldiers every day. There are three soldiers I pray extra verses over because they are deployed:

  1. Roger – I’ve known since his mother was carrying him. I visited her in the hospital after he was born. I watched him grow up and graduate with my youngest son.
  2. Tyler – I met at a gas station coming home from the Iowa State Fair. All I know is his first and last name, and the month he should return from deployment. I told him I had prayed for 29 soldiers through their deployments and all of them returned home safely.
  3. Brendon – I’ve never met him, but I’ve known his wife since she was a teenager and recently met one of his kids. This is not his first deployment; he was the first soldier I prayed for during his time overseas.

There’s nothing special about me praying for them, I just pray God’s word (Psalms 91 and Numbers 31:49) over them. God honors his word. Today I found another verse to pray over them…

Joshua 10:21, “Then all the people returned safe to Joshua in the camp at Makkedah.” ESV

These soldiers marched all night, (v. 9); fought all day, (v. 12); and Joshua spoke to the Lord asking him to make the sun stand still, (v. 12); which means they fought several hours more until the enemy was wiped out, (v. 20).

You would think they would have dropped from exhaustion, but they returned safe.

The hailstones killed more of the enemy than the sons of Israel killed with the sword, (v. 11); yet, all of the people of war (v. 7) returned safe. God even protected them from the hailstones!

How did that happen? God fought for them, (v. 14).

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the brave, who fight to keep our country free. I pray for the families: their parents, wives, and children. Protect them at home while you are protecting their soldier at war.


One thought on “God Keeps Them Safe

  1. Brendon was ready to get on the bus to deploy when he was stopped. He was told the slots were all filled and they sent him home! His son had been praying that he would not have to deploy at all. God answered his son’s prayer!


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