Thank God for Angels

Those closest to me know I am not the best driver. They also know I would rather be a passenger. I like being chauffeured around!

It was scary, at times, when I first started driving!

We went to a small church and when I got my driver’s license I ended up driving the teenagers to different events. (It helped that my dad had a van which would hold the entire youth group.)

One Friday night, I drove all of the teenagers to a football game. Dad made me promise to drive straight to the school and straight home.

After the game, one of the teens brought over his friend and asked if we could give him a ride home. I thought of my promise to dad and said, “No.”

Then the teen reminded me that I had to get rides to and from events for most of the time I was in high school. I knew exactly how that teen felt and I gave in. (Of course, he didn’t live on the road going home. He lived on a farm a few miles away.)

We had received several inches of rain the night before and that gravel road had more mud than gravel. The farm was located in a hilly section of the county we locals call, “Turkey Scratch.”

The road was like a roller coaster, going up and over hills with several curves thrown in. I remember punching it on the top of the hills and all of us saying, “Wee” as the tires left the road.


I had never driven on this particular road and when my tires reconnected with the road after the last hill, I gulped. I swear the road went straight down and there was not a piece of gravel on it! The van started to fishtail and I…

…shut my eyes!

I also prayed a one word prayer, “Jesus!” (I thought it was all over.)

Then I felt a pair of large hands cover mine and those hands turned correctly to compensate for the sliding of the back of the van. We slid to a stop in his driveway. (I’ve never seen anyone get out of the van as fast as he did!)

When we got back to town, we hosed the mud off of the van, but it didn’t work. Dad noticed the color of the mud in the tires and asked me where we went.

I was happy to confess…(I have a hyper conscience)…and I was grateful for the angel that took the wheel when I needed the most help.

Psalms 91:11, “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.” ESV

Notice it said angels, plural, that’s more than one guardian angel.

In Matthew 26:53, Jesus said he could appeal to his Father and he would send more than 12 legions of angels. A legion is 6,000 men. It was because of the legions of angels fighting for Israel that Joshua could say…

Joshua 23:10, “One man of you puts to flight a thousand, since it is the Lord your God who fights for you, just as he promised you.” ESV

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your protection in the past. Thank you that I do not need to fear because your angels are there to protect me. 


In Jesus Name