Better Than Santa Clause

Santa Clause surprised us at our Fishel clan Christmas on Saturday night. He wore the traditional red pants, jacket, and hat. He had on tall, black boots and white gloves.

The great-grandchildren were in awe. They each received a gift. The grandchildren were surprised to receive gifts, too; but first they had to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him if they had been a good mommy or daddy! Santa asked their kids if they were telling the truth or not!

Oddly enough, the female grandchildren (and guest) received scarves, while all of the male grandchildren received bags of edible coal!

After Santa left, my four-year-old granddaughter explained that he was not the real Santa. He was just one of his helpers.

We were worried that she would know who this Santa helper was by his voice. We were lucky that she did not figure it out and spoil the fun “Mrs. Clause” had taking pictures from her hiding place in the darkened office behind us.

Today, we read the Danites recognized the voice of the young Levite.

Judges 18:3, “When they were by the house of Micah, they recognized the voice of the young Levite…” ESV

How did they know? The answer is found in a note written about Judges 12:6.

“…an Ephraimite, however, because of his dialect, said ‘Sibboleth,’ substituting the ‘s’ sound for ‘sh.'” ESV Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible Notes

The Levite was staying with Micah the Ephraimite. The Ephraimite would not make the ‘sh’ sound, but the Levite would. That is how they recognized his voice.

Dear Lord,

The most important voice to recognize is yours. You are better than Santa Clause. You not only give us gifts; you give us peace and joy, even during the most difficult circumstances. You don’t visit once a year; you are omnipresent – with us always. You watch over us while we are sleeping and awake. You forgive our sins and then forget them. We are always in right standing with you through the blood that Jesus Christ shed on the cross. You write our name in the “Book of Life” when we believe in Jesus and it can never be erased. And you gave us the best Christmas present ever – your son, Jesus Christ. Thank you.