It’s Not About the Hair

Friday night we went to the “Noel” concert featuring Josh Wilson, JJ Heller, and Dan Bremnes. Usually I would watch the concert and want to play in the band or sing. I don’t feel that way anymore because I know what an exhausting job they have.

I play 20 minutes for church on the same platform every week. We show up 2 hours before church to set up, do a sound check, and a final run through. We stay after church for a half an hour to tear down. We meet for 2-3 hours on Thursday to practice and learn new songs; and practice at home for twenty minutes to 2 hours each day.

They showed up at 9:30 a.m. to set up, do a sound check, and final run through. After that 8 hour session, they met with those who purchased VIP tickets for a time of questions and answers.

Their concert was almost 3 hours long and then they gave autographs and talked with people who came to the show.

They loaded up the last item in the trailer at 11:45 p.m. They profusely thanked the crew of ten people who stayed to help because they normally did not finish packing up until one or two in the morning.

I don’t even want to think about the hours, days, and weeks of practice that they put in before going on tour.

What keeps them going on this grueling schedule? The Spirit of the Lord rises up in them when they sing and play.

We think it is the practice, or the perfect hair, or the sacrifice of leaving their families that makes them successful. Just like we think the source of Samson’s strength was his long hair and abstinence.

We are wrong. Three times today we read the same phrase right before Samson won an incredible victory.

“The Spirit of the Lord rushed upon him…” Judges 14:6, 19; 15:14. 

“The true source of Samson’s great strength was not in his long hair or in abstaining from strong drink. His might came from the Spirit of the Lord (v. 14) and was provided by God to accomplish his will.” ESV Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible Notes

Dear Lord,

There is nothing that I can do; it’s all about You!