When my granddaughter, Olivia, was a toddler I loved hearing her laugh. One day, when she was visiting with her mom, Bethany, I had music on and she was playing the bongos. I picked up the tambourine and started playing along with her.

She was so serious playing those drums!

Bethany watched us with an amused look…until I hit my head with the tambourine. It was so unexpected that Olivia laughed and I thought Bethany was going to fall out of her chair.


Today we read the Pharisees demanded that Jesus show them a miraculous sign, Mark 8:11. When a blind man was brought to Jesus, he did something unexpected…

Mark 8:23, “Jesus took the blind man by the hand and led him out of the village…” NLT

Jesus did not heal the blind man to satisfy the Pharisees. He did it privately. The way he healed him was also unexpected…he spit on his eyes!

Dear Lord,

Help me to be open to the unexpected today.


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