I worked for the same Pastor for 24 years. As secretary, treasurer, and then administrator, I had access that few shared. It was similar to the access Peter, James, and John had to Jesus.

There were others who spent a lot of time with him: council members, elders, department leaders, but they were more like the rest of the disciples. They didn’t spend as much time with Jesus as those first three.

God moved us to another church and I became part of the 72.

Luke 10:1, “The Lord chose seventy-two other disciples and sent them ahead in pairs to all the towns and places he planned to visit.” NLT

The 72 disciples Jesus chose had the same assignment as the original 12. They just didn’t get one on one time with Jesus like the first disciples.

Our church is almost 5 times larger than our former church and in the last year the senior Pastor spoke to me twice. I’m not complaining because I would rather he spend his time studying and praying than having conversations with all 700 of us!

I am not neglected.

The lay Pastor of our satellite church gives me a side hug every service. He’s like the big brother I always wanted! The worship team is my own little support group. They encourage and correct me equally.

Over the years, I heard many who said they left a church because the Pastor never visited them. (That was not our case. It took God 3 years to release us from the first church and make it clear he was calling us to our church.)

The healthiest Christians are those who find their gifting and serve in that area. They are responsible for and to others in that group. If God calls their Pastor to the mission field, they don’t fall apart because they are following Jesus, not the Pastor, and are connected to a group of “brothers and sisters” in the church.

The 72 disciples were just as important to God’s plan as Peter, James, and John.

And so are you!

Dear Lord,

Thank you for allowing me to be like one of the 72 disciples. Thank you that I am the apple of your eye, Psalms 17:8.


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