Have you ever had a dream die? Did you lose something very precious to you: a person, a job, or a ministry? Have you ever felt dead and buried?

2008 – I stepped down from a job I loved that I had been doing for almost 25 years. I had stepped down from playing the piano 3 years before.

The only medication that worked for me was taken off of the market and I was forced to stay in a highly protective environment. I was housebound.

But it wasn’t over.

John 11:4, “But when Jesus heard about it he said, “Lazarus’s sickness will not end in death. No, it happened for the glory of God so that the Son of God will receive glory from this.”” NLT

God told me to get out my piano books and review my lessons. I practiced every day. In February, 2012, I was asked to play for the nursing home service. Since I would already be on a round of Prednisone, I agreed.

A week after that, the keyboard player asked me if I would substitute for her once a month. After playing the first time, her job changed and she was no longer able to attend practice. God gave me a place to minister again and all of the glory goes to Him.

Dear Lord,

This weekend we saw prison doors open and Pastor Saeed Abedini be released. Those things that seem hopeless are not impossible with you. Thank you for the reminder that we need to prepare for the things you have given us to do.


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