Fear is sometimes used to control people. Anger is another tool; but a leader who uses those tools will not keep his followers.

Saul started with an army of 330,000 soldiers, 11:8. He mustered them with fear and anger.

1 Samuel 11:7, “…And the Lord made the people afraid of Saul’s anger, and all of them came out together as one.” NLT

Soon he had an army trembling with fear, 13:7. He got ahead of God, 13:7-14; and offered sacrifices when he did not have the authority to do it. Soon he found only 600 soldiers left, 13:15. His actions cost him the kingdom, 13:13, 14.

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the 365 verses in the Bible that say, “Fear Not!” Do not let us be swayed by fear.