The CO2 detector was loose from the outlet and went off. We plugged it back in. It went off again. It would beep as if there was CO2 present, but then it would stop.

When it stopped, I took it by the stove. It did not beep. I took it downstairs to the furnace and water heater. It did not beep.

I called the electric company, but  customer service closed an hour ago. The CO2 detector is 17 years old. I’m sure we should have replaced it years ago. (None of us have a headache or feel sick.)

My son was concerned because his bedroom is in the basement. We all three googled CO2 detectors. Yep, it needs replaced.

I told my son to give me his hand and I prayed Mark 16:18 that no deadly thing will harm us.

Then I read this…

Psalms 16:1, “Keep me safe, O God, for I have come to you for refuge.” NLT

I know God will keep us safe.

Dear Jesus, 

I know you care about every little thing in our lives. You even take the time to keep track of the number of hairs on our heads. Thank you for being our refuge.


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