I finished my coffee on the front deck today. (Okay, it’s not a deck; it’s a stoop with two steps.) It was a balmy 18°, and either spitting snow or the snow was blowing off of the roof.

It didn’t fix my headache.

I’m not crazy. I was waiting for the plumbers. We are having a new furnace installed today. There was a cracked burner and traces of carbon monoxide inside the furnace.

I’ve been in the house since Sunday afternoon and David had a hard time waking me up. He finally went to the new bakery and bought a “Chocolate Thunder:” chocolate doughnut, filled with chocolate pudding, covered with chocolate frosting, and chocolate sprinkles.

That got me up.

I volunteered to go to Mothers today, but he must have been afraid I would not return, because he said, “No.” I decided I had better sit outside for a few minutes, just in case the headache was carbon monoxide related.

It’s not.

Carbon monoxide does not make your cheeks hurt. I don’t have a fever; it’s just another viral sinus infection. Rest and fluids are the only way to treat it.

The plumbers told me there would be no heat for 4 or 5 hours. I filled the vaporizer in my south-facing office, grabbed another cup of coffee, and picked up my Bible.

Psalms 23:2, “He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams.” NLT

The meadows are snow-covered, but the air mattress in this office is comfortable. I guess a bubbling vaporizer is a good substitute for a peaceful stream. I will be content, and stay put, while I wait for the promise in verse 3, “He renews my strength…”

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for taking such good care of us. I would not have chosen this day to replace the furnace, but I am grateful that the money is in the bank to cover the expense. Thank you for allowing us to continue to live debt-free. You are my shepherd and I do have all I need.


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