The new furnace is in.

It took a few hours more than expected to install it. The plumbers were amazed that the temperature inside only dropped to 64° when it was 23° outside. I explained that I caulked every crack to keep air and allergens out.

He got a little pale when he heard that. Along with the cracked burner, there were 2 cracks in the heat exchange and one vent to the chimney was black. Thank God, the carbon monoxide in the furnace never made it to the heat ducts!

“What about central air?” I asked.

“Open a window,” he replied.

(They are always so helpful.)


I received major recognition on this blog yesterday. This is something I doubt any of the 665,000,000 bloggers at WordPress can claim. It’s so rare, I bet there aren’t any on the other platforms that can claim it either!


Most bloggers my age cannot even get their kids to read their blogs! (I didn’t know for sure that he was.)

I read the post again and wondered, “Why?” It seemed like all of the other posts to me. The only difference was it was the first thing I did yesterday.


We live a mile from a relatively new bypass. Early in the morning I can hear the semis that hit the rough patches on the side of the road. I don’t hear them the rest of the day.

Maybe it has something to do with the atmosphere early in the morning. You can watch the sun rise through the earth’s atmosphere, but later, it hurts your eyes to look directly at it. Maybe sound travels better through the early morning atmosphere.

There was something I heard, or something I saw, early yesterday that was captured in my post. Perhaps that reflection was what caught my son’s attention. It makes me want to be there with God at every sunrise…like David.

Psalms 108:2, “Wake up, lyre and harp! I will wake the dawn with my song.” NLT

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for protecting me! Thank you for the Bible. Thank you for proving, once again, that it is relevant for every age and circumstance.


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