“Single Awareness Day”

I’ve had a few of those. I’ve also had a few “Married and Miserable” Valentine’s Days because my husband didn’t meet my expectations.

This year David brought me the traditional heart-shaped box of chocolates…

…with a reminder of my upcoming dentist appointment.

(I still haven’t opened them.)

He serenaded me at church, singing, “I want to Grow Old with You.” But what the congregation didn’t know was…Joe made him do it…I was supposed to play, and…I wouldn’t let him sing it looking at anyone else.

Gifts on Valentine’s Day are wonderful, but they are not the source of happiness.

Psalms 86:4, “Give me happiness, O Lord, for I give myself to you.” NLT

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for your perfect love. Thank you for the reminder that David cannot be my source of happiness and it is only when I give myself to you that I am happy.


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