The sun had just risen, (according to my phone), and I started to open the curtain to read my Bible. Sitting on the couch, my son groaned.

I dropped the curtain and went for a cup of coffee. David got up, came to the living room, and opened the curtains all of the way.

The lump on the couch was silent.

I began reading out loud and stopped on the second verse.

2 Samuel 14:1, 2, “Joab realized how much the king longed to see Absalom. So he sent for a woman from Tekoa who had a reputation for great wisdom…” NLT

“Joab was smarter than Amnon,” I said to the men in the room, “when he saw the king was longing for Absalom, he sent for a woman of great wisdom. Amnon took advice from his cousin, Jonadab.” (See 2 Samuel 13:1 and 1 Chronicles 20:7.)

They both groaned.

I decided to paraphrase a few verses later for their benefit.

My paraphrase of 2 Samuel 14:6, “Luke and Derek had a fight out in the field. And since Laura was not there to stop it, one of them was killed.”

The conversation went downhill from there and the subjects changed several times. As he was walking out the door to go to work, Derek said, “Dad sure got an earful this morning.”

After David left, I started reviewing what I read and I realized something: “When I put the names of my children in the verse, I suddenly understood how King David felt.”

He was grieving the death of one son and missing his absent son. He lost them both in one day. He may have been worried about Absalom being killed to avenge Amnon’s death. That could have kept him from trying to bring Absalom back. But that would not have stopped him from loving Absalom.

When it comes to advice, seek it from an older generation. If you are lucky, your grandparents are still alive and they are the best sources. You can see the results of their advice. You will see how they are living and can choose whether to do things the way they did, or do the opposite for a different result.

I was lucky. I got to live with both of my grandmothers for a few months. These two ladies gave birth to 20 children during the Great Depression. That is not a typo…I meant twenty!

My parents had 4 children, living on the salary of a maintenance man at two Bible colleges for ten years. It was not a lucrative career!

But it was the best education in frugality. We lived in a nice home and I was proud to have my friends see it. My mother’s friends said her home always looked like a magazine because she kept it neat and clean.

I live in a nice home. It is not expensive or large, but I share pictures of my home at various times on

If you are facing a dilemma, call home; or better yet, visit a relative in the nursing home. The wisest people live there.

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for my parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts. They are amazing sources of wisdom.


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