During the sound check for church today, the guitar player started playing, “Taking Care of Business.” When they asked for David to check his microphone, he started singing the first verse.

“I married a heathen,” I said.

Each vocalist sang the next line as they checked their microphones. Everyone was laughing until it was time to check the keyboard level. I hit a “C” and everything stopped.

The guitar player groaned, and said I was a speed bump.

Sorry, my childhood was spent on Bible Colleges. During my teens, I sang on a local gospel TV show and was the church janitor. I was hired as a church secretary when I was 21 and spent the rest of my working career there.

I can relate to today’s verse.

Psalms 61:4, “Let me live forever in your sanctuary, safe beneath the shelter of your wings.” NLT

Dear Jesus,

Thank you that your sanctuary is not a building, but having a relationship with you.


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