When we arrived at the tip night for “Cradle of Hope” at Pizza Ranch, the director grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the back room to show me where to put our coats.

The place was packed and we were later told that the crowd was as large as what they normally have on a Friday night! The first shift of volunteers had been busing tables for an hour and were ready for a break.

Later, I returned to the room to bus the tables where the volunteers were eating. One of the Pastors was there with his wife and he had been giving me a hard time earlier. He picked up some silverware to put it in an empty glass.

“Sir, please put down the knife,” I said.

He was surprised I felt threatened by a butter knife. I jokingly told him I didn’t trust him. He said my service was below par and asked to see my supervisor. I went looking for my friend, Doni, because I knew she would stand up for me.

I couldn’t find her.

I grabbed my husband instead and went back to the room. Standing behind him, I said, “Sir, this is my supervisor.”

He turned and paused for a minute. Then he told him I was a bad server. They started talking about another subject and I sneaked away. There wasn’t anything else I could do…the Bible is clear we are to show respect to the Lord’s anointed.

2 Samuel 19:21, “Then Abishai son of Zeruiah said, ‘Shimei should die, for he cursed the Lord’s anointed king!'” NLT

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for all of our Pastors and their senses of humor. We know they are not perfect, but you never made perfection a requirement. Thank you for Godly leaders. 


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