My youngest son is a bad influence on me.

He suggested watching the new series, “Fuller House” on Netflix last night. I remembered watching “Full House”  with him when he was a kid and I agreed.

I stayed up way too late.

When he got up at the crack of noon, he went to the next episode of the show and I ended up watching it with him…all 13 episodes.

(On the plus side, I did catch up on my mending.)

On the final episode, Jesse got a romantic dinner for Becky from McDonalds!?! Of course, that’s what I wanted for supper…with a Shamrock shake.

I found comfort in today’s verse.

Psalms 91:3, “For he will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease.” NLT

Dear Lord,

Thank you for memories. I know I will be glad I spent this day exactly the way I did when I am living in an empty nest. 


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