“Are you telling me some people don’t want to help in the nursery? Are they crazy? Have they seen how cute I am?”

Of course, this was next to a photo of an adorable toddler talking on a phone. But, there are those who are not gifted in working with babies.

We took in 26 members yesterday and each one was encouraged to volunteer in one area in the church. I thought of those members when I read today’s verse.

1 Chronicles 28:21, “…Others with skills of every kind will volunteer…” NLT

One Wednesday night, a lady told me I looked so relaxed when I played for the service. I am relaxed, because that is my area of skill. When I volunteer for other areas, I am not relaxed!

My advice for the new members is to be who God created them to be. Don’t try to be someone else. Volunteer in the area where you are the most skilled.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for adding to our church family. I pray that you will direct each of them to the ministry for which you have designed them.

In Jesus name,


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2 thoughts on “Volunteers

  1. That is wonderful advice, until you get to the church that rotates everyone through the nursery regardless of your skilled area, simply because your a mom.


    • I never had to work in the nursery because I was the piano player; but I also never got time off. My vacations started after church on Sunday and ended on Saturday night. (Lol) The good news is this is a season of your life and it will not last forever. What skills do you want to use? Present those to the ones in charge and you may be excused from nursery duty to cover another area. Two of our volunteers are the mothers of teenagers. A screaming baby doesn’t even faze them. Don’t give up.


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