I was the last surgery of the day. When they came to get me, my family went to the cafeteria for supper. I was alone in the room. I started to sing.

“God is fighting for us; God is on our side.

We will overcome; yes, we will overcome.

We will not be shaken; we will not be moved.

Jesus, You are here!

I will live: I will not die.

The resurrection power of Christ alive in me

and I am free in Jesus Name.

I will live: I will not die.

I will declare and lift you high.

Christ revealed and I am healed in Jesus name.”

“In Jesus Name” by Darlene Zschech


It wasn’t until I was home recuperating that I read the chapters and found this verse.

1 Kings 2:2, 3, “…Take courage and be a man. Observe the requirements…” NLT

Dear Father God,

Thank you for giving me courage when I needed it most. Thank you for having nurse Cheryl R. on duty. Hearing her calm voice helped me conquer the fear. Remembering the time that we both were pregnant and had our babies two months apart. I asked her so many questions. She spoke in a matter-of-fact voice and calmed my fears. Hearing that same voice giving me instructions, let me know I could survive this surgery. Thank you for taking care of all the little details. 

In Jesus Name,


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